What is the role of the personal advisor in buying back loans?

A loan repurchase is a grouping operation of several loans (consumer loans with sometimes home loans) which makes it possible to obtain a new single credit, over a new duration, and with a single monthly payment to be settled.

An operation that seems simple but which in reality requires real support in defining needs, choosing the right offer, and validation which leads to the release of funds. Thus, the role of the personal advisor in repurchase of credit is essential to facilitate the daily life of the borrowers and to avoid the errors. Explanations.

The personal advisor accompanies you to the right offer

The personal advisor accompanies you to the right offer

If you are embarking on a loan buyback operation, it is because you want to restore your finances to a better balance and find a more stable situation. As such, you are probably looking at the total amount of your current loans, the rates at which you took out your loans, and the future conditions to which you can claim.

But a grouping of credits is not just a story of numbers. It is indeed necessary to take into account your personal situation and your projects , far beyond the simple lines of credit that you currently have.

  • What are your medium and long term projects? Need capital goods, want to travel, planned expenditure for children’s studies?
  • If your financial situation is tight, what are the reasons that brought you there? Is this a sustainable situation or not?
  • Is it possible to find quick solutions, and complementary solutions in the long term?
  • The repurchase of credits is a solution, but over which duration to spread your new credit, and with what monthly payment to give you a saving capacity?

All of these questions cannot be answered instantly. It is necessary to understand your file, and to gather information on your financial situation and your budget, in order to draw up a true assessment, and concrete actions to be carried out.

This is the key role of a personal advisor, who will not be content with finding the most attractive offer in terms of rates, but will endeavor to find all the conditions that will allow you to find a better balance for your budget.

The quality of service of a credit buyout advisor

The quality of service of a credit buyout advisor

There are several ways to buy back credits.
Solicit several banks, directly, and ask to group the credits. However, this solution has a major drawback: it takes a long time to contact the various credit organizations, and to go and meet the interlocutors, each time bringing supporting documents.

A tedious and trying process. Faced with this difficulty, it is possible to entrust your request to a specialist, who will serve as a bridge between you and the credit professionals.

Using an intermediary guarantees you personalized support through the various stages of the process, as we have just seen. You have real peace of mind, because you don’t have to canvass banking establishments for yourself!

  • Send your documents about your personal situation and your finances to the specialist, who centralizes all your documents and publishes a complete file;
  • It launches the steps to find the best financing offer, finding for you the proposal best suited to your profile on the market;
  • The conditions of your new loan but also of the insurance attached to it are negotiated for you. With a large network, it has preferential rates, often more attractive than if you start the process directly;
  • The offer (s) are presented to you by your personal adviser, who has processed your file as a whole. He explains to you in complete transparency the operation of the operation and answers all your questions.